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Wood pallet archway

Posted by Ric from Whigham, Georgia, United States • Published See Ric's 6 projects »
  • Step 1

    this took me not long at all. I took 5 pallets I got from a pallet making company......(1) take each pallet and cut them in half long ways leaving middle brace board intact. (Keep the left overs for parts needed)

  • Step 2

    (2) of the half pallets stand them up and cut about 3-4 of the slats going across off, these will go into the ground.

  • Step 3

    (3) Dig a hole about 1-2ft deep(the deeper the better for support) and slide pallets into the ground and cover well. now take 2 other half pallets and cut off 2 of the slats going across and slide the pallet down into the 2 standing pallets. Secure them with nails or wood screws.(You can use small boards to join the 2 as well like braces)

  • Step 4

    (4) now take the last half pallet and take 1 slat off each side exposing the support beams. I cut the beams at an angle.I thought it gave it a nice oriental look. Then place it on-top of the structure and screw it to the other pallet pieces.

  • How to make a garden decoration. The Archway  - Step 5
    Step 5

    (5)Now take some pieces of slats and cut them at a 45 degree angle, these will be added under the top of the arch as shown in the picture for added support.You can stain or paint it if you like,I kept mine the color it was for that rustic look. If you want to know how I made the fence as well I have added it to another upload...anyway hope ya like it and if you have questions send me a message thanks:)

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