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just another mini top hat tutorial!
I wanted a mini top hat to match my new year paty outfit, just coulden't find quite the rigt tutorial for me. Anybody else find that? anyways, here's my version of the mini top hat! XD

Posted by Only Frills and Horses from Nottingham, England, United Kingdom • Published See Only Frills and Horses's 52 projects »
  • Step 1

    start of with a strip of foam, mine was about 24cm long.

  • Step 2

    pin it round

  • Step 3

    draw around it onto a peice of foam so you get a little oval.

  • Step 4

    trace around this, add a little around the edge,I added 3 cm. cut two slits in the middle two for the hair-thingy your'e using.

  • Step 5

    okay: easy way to sort the fabric for the top and crown. Stick them to the fabric and cut around! you don't need much fabric, this is a failed back peice for a blouse (it was too small!)

  • Step 6

    glue around the crown and use pegs to hold it down whist you do the next step!

  • Step 7

    cut little tabs oround the top part...

  • Step 8

    ... this will ensure the fabric dries flat!

  • Step 9

    when cutting around the brim, make sure thre is a seam allowance of the with of the brim plus 1 cm, then stick this down in the same way as the top.

  • Step 10

    now you need to assemble it, in order to make the brim curvy, stick a little wire to the brim.

  • Step 11

    gather one or two layers of lace around the brim, and use it to cover up the wire. Ideally, it should be nearly wide egnougth to cover the brim and wire. after taking this pic, I added a layer of smaller ready- gathered lave to the edge of the brim.

  • Step 12

    cut ribbon , as long as your crown

  • Step 13

    stick a little lace on the back and make some pretty ribbons!

  • How to make a top hat. The All Purpose Mini Top Hat - Step 14
    Step 14

    stick these on, and put on a cameo and/or any desired decoration!

  • Step 15

    stick your desired method of getting it on your head through the two slits you made a while back, you don't have to glue it!

  • How to make a top hat. The All Purpose Mini Top Hat - Step 16
    Step 16

    and you should end up with a top hat to your tastes! :3

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