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Temporary Tattoo Domino Pendant

Temporary tattoos forever! • Posted by Wendy H.

A domino pendant with your favorite temporary tattoo. Make it permanent!

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A domino pendant with your favorite temporary tattoo. Make it permanent!


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    Remove brass nail from the center of the domino (if it has one). Spray paint the back. In this case the back is the side with the dots on it(optional). Clean the front (smooth side) well with alcohol, to get rid of any dust/grease/paint/fingerprints. Color the front with alcohol inks (optional). Or leave blank.

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    Find a temporary tattoo to fit the domino. It's ok if it hangs over the edge a little you can wrap it down the side. Follow the instructions for adhereing it. But it'll be put on the domino and not your skin. :P

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    Find some "bling". In this project I used some nail gems I got at the 99 cent store (on the right). Some plastic gems I bought at the thrift store, and a few recycled glass rhinestones. I also got my dominos at the 99 cents store. One set will make a bunch of pendants.

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    Lay out a design for your "bling". I decided to do just 2 corners. Less is more for me!

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    Squirt some of the dimensional glaze onto the domino and spread it all around the face of the domino. You should have a thin layer that will act as a glue for your "bling" and a sealer for the domino. If your tattoo went over the edge of the domino, you'll have to spread a thin layer to protect the tattoo once the project is done.

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    Arrange "bling" on your domino.

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    While the pendant is drying you'll have LOTS of time to make loops for your pendants. I take craft wire and loop it around my jewerly pliers and wrap the wire around so it looks like a little wire noose. I trim the wrapped wire close to the base. Don't cut the long tail until you drill the hole in the domino. better to have too much than not enough.

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    I place my dominos under a bowl while they dry to avoid any dust settling on the glaze, that way you have a smooth glossy finish to your pendant. I usually let them sit over night, that way you know for sure they're dry and you won't run the risk of imprints from your fingers.

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    Drill a hole in the middle of the top edge of the domino for your wire loop. The tail from the loop will be glued into that hole. (picture from another project. But still the same step.)

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    There you go. Temporary tattoo pendants.

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    Make bunches of them and give them to all your friends. I sold MAYBE 3. Then I gave up. I wound up putting some in swaps as freebies.