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Pint-Sized Parliament Telephone Box
Pah to your mobile phone! It has nothing on the scarlet sentinel that is the London phone box. This red devil has been offering Londoners use of the ‘dog and bone’ since 1924, as well as providing a place for Busty Babs of Bethnal Green and Voluptuous Vera of Vauxhall to adorn with calling cards to advertise their dubious talents. In the shadow of Big Ben, within cigar-smoke-smelling distance of the Winston Churchill statue, sits London’s most photographed phone box, in protester-plagued Parliament Square. Stitch yourself a woolly version of this cheeky crimson chap.

Difficulty rating: London Local
Size: Approx. 12cm (4¾in) high
Gauge: 17 sts and 28 rows = 10 cm (4in) in pattern

Replicate a Londoner’s mobile phone battery death by standing in front of your phone box and searching your pockets in vain for small change.

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© 2020 Lauren O'Farrell / David & Charles · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1


    Phone Box Sides (make 4)
    Cast on 14 sts in red yarn.
    Work 22 rows in st st (k odd rows,
    p even).
    Row 23 P across.
    Row 24 P, change to white yarn,
    p to last st, change to red, p.
    Row 25 K, change to white yarn,
    k to last st, change to red, k.
    Row 26 Rep row 24.
    Rows 27–29 K across in red.
    Row 30 P2tog, p10, p2tog (12 sts).
    Row 31 K2tog, k8, k2tog (10 sts).
    Row 32 P2tog, p6, p2tog (8 sts).
    Row 33 K2tog, k4, k2tog (6 sts).
    Row 34 P2tog, p2, p2tog (4 sts).
    Cast off (bind off).

    Phone Box Top
    Cast on 12 sts in red yarn.
    Work 14 rows in st st.
    Cast off (bind off).

    Phone Box Base
    Cast on 14 sts in any colour yarn.
    Work 15 rows in st st.
    Cast off (bind off).

    Windows (make 3)
    Cast on 15 sts in silver yarn.
    Work 20 rows in st st.
    Cast off (bind off).
    Long Window Strips (make 6)
    Using 2.5mm (US B1/C2) crochet hook chain 15 sts in red yarn.

    Short Window Strips (make 15)
    Using 2.5mm (US B1/C2) crochet hook chain 12 sts in red yarn.

  • How to make an object plushie. Telephone Box Plushie - Step 2
    Step 2


    Sew all four sides together.
    Sew top onto four sides.
    Cut four 8 x 10cm (3¼ x 4in) rectangles of cardboard or foam.
    Place inside to hold up phone box.
    Stuff, leaving space 5.5cm (2¼in) deep at bottom.
    Cut felt to make a cube 5.5cm (2¼in) on all sides.
    Sew felt into a cube shape, leaving
    top open.
    Fill cube with heavy filling and sew
    top closed.
    Place the filled cube carefully in the bottom of the phone box.
    Sew the base of the phone box closed to secure the cube.
    Sew windows to three sides of the phone box.
    Sew the window strips across the windows, two long strips vertically and five short strips horizontally.
    Using black thread, embroider the word ‘Telephone’ on the white panels on all four sides.
    If the knit is too loose to embroider then cut felt rectangles to size, embroider and sew in place.

    Amuse yourself by sewing an unsuspecting friend’s mobile phone into the phone box.
    Phone them and watch their brain slowly melt as they realize you’ve gone to the length of handsewing their phone into a tiny woollen replica of a London phone box. Best to try this on friends who either have a good sense of humour or who you don’t like very much and don’t mind losing.

    If you’re a Dalek-fighting Gallifreyan at hearts
    (excuse the terrible Dr
    Who in-joke) you might
    want to knit the Phone Box
    in dark blue and turn it into the Tardis. I can’t help you make it bigger on the inside than the outside, though.

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Make it in Blue and its a nice Tardis

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