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designing patterns is hard!
I have been trying to design my own patterns to sell items on etsy. drawing and sewing up something that looks like it is harder than I thought. this panda is based on my chick pattern of all things with arms and legs sewn on. he was pretty wonky so I had him hold a big old stick of bamboo then stuck a flower on his head and then all of a sudden... cuteness.

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    Main body shape
    1. 6 sc in magic ring
    2. inc in each (12)
    3. (inc, sc) around (18)
    4. (inc, 2 sc) around (24)
    5. (inc, 3 sc) around, (30).
    6. work even for desired height. for the panda I worked in a chest height purple stripe. for a chick I did a shorter one in solid yellow.
    7. end yarn. apply safety eyes.

  • Step 2

    repeat steps 1-3 for main body shape then work even to length. sew arms to side of body and sew legs in with bottom seam.

    work steps 1-3 then even for two rounds. sew to face and stuff a little. if using safety nose attach before sewing on.

  • Step 3

    ears? accessories? go nuts.
    my ears are just rounds 1 and 2 of body shape. I made the flower on the hana-ami flower loom.

    the bamboo is a tube of 6 sc's with a different green stripe every so often and an (odd number!) of leaves that are just 8 sc, skip 1st sc, 2 sc 2 hdc, 2 sc and then continue on with the stalk.

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