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Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear • Posted by Ksew

I used the fur, which was inside my old high boots)))

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I used the fur, which was inside my old high boots)))


  1. You can stitch it by sewing machine or hand. Download the pattern, print it and cut out. You can change size of the pattern before you print it if you want; my Teddy Bear is about 17-18 cm tall.

  2. Small 2 copy 1295209976

    Lay out all the items of pattern onto the wrong side of the fabric and trace them (using chalk or a marker). The parts № 1, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 trace in the direct and mirror image. The part № 5 trace 2 times in the direct and 2 times in mirror image. The picture shows an outline of the layout. Don't forget to transfer onto your fabric all the marks.

  3. Cut out all the items with 5 mm (or more) seam allowances.

  4. Small 4 copy 1295207881

    EARS. Put the items № 5a and № 5b right sides together and sew them on a rounded edges. Turn out and sew the open sections. Incise edge (near mark 4) close to the seam. Do the same with items № 5c and № 5d. Sew ears to the items № 1a and № 1b (combining marks 1-4-2).

  5. Small 5 copy 1295208033

    HEAD. Sew darts on items № 1a and № 1b. Sew item №2 between items № 1a and № 1b (marks 3-4). Sew item № 3 to the front of the head, combining marks 6-5-6. Next, sew from mark 7 to mark 6 and perform the seam on the nose. Sew darts on item № 4. Sew together the front part of the head and item number 4 (marks 8-9-8). The head is ready!

  6. Small 6 copy 1295208181 1295247117

    FRONT. Put the items № 6a and № 6b right sides together and sew them from the mark 7 to mark 12. Sew darts on both parts. Items № 11a and № 11b sew to the items № 12a and № 12b respectively (marks 10-11). Sew the item № 11a with № 6a; № 11b with № 6b (marks 19-20).

  7. Small 7 1295208286

    BACK. Sew the dart on item № 7. Sew the item № 7 to the item № 8 (marks 17-18-17). Sew the items № 10a and № 10b to the item № 7(marks 8-19).

  8. Put the front and back of the torso right sides together and sew them combining marks 21-11-10-19-17-15. Next, sew them combining 13-12-13. Sew the items № 9a and № 9b to the body (combining marks 13-14-15-16).

  9. Turn the head and the body right side out. Stitch the back part of the head to the back part of the body by hand (combining marks 8-8). Fill the bear with wadding. And then stitch up the remainder of the neck (8-7-8).

  10. Small 10 1295209177

    Embroider nose and mouth according to the scheme.

  11. Make the eyes from Fimo: make a ball, cut in half; make 4 holes (use toothpick); bake. You can also use buttons instead eyes. Sew the eyes on the places marked X.