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A pretty teal resin heart you can wear!

Resin can either be easy or hard as heck! LOL It is still both for me at times! However, I saw that someone was looking for a tut on resin pouring, so here goes LOL Not sure how well I can explain this, but I thought I'd give it a go!


  • How to make a resin pendant. Teal Pearl Resin Heart With Red Crystal Accent - Step 1
    Step 1

    Sorry guys, again I don't have any how-to pics. I'm going to be mixing some resin soon, so I'll take pics then and post them in another tut. Hopefully this will get ya started though!

    Step 1: Figure out what type of resin you want to use! There are tons of different types. The most important thing to remember with resin is that you mix it in two equal parts. One part resin, one part hardener. The most typical resin for jewelry is Castin Craft. The resin can be a bit expensive, but a little goes a long way.

  • How to make a resin pendant. Teal Pearl Resin Heart With Red Crystal Accent - Step 2
    Step 2

    Step 2. With all resins you need mixing cups (preferably with measurments on them. it makes life a lot easier and something that you don't mind throwing away)In one cup measure out some resin...in the second cup measure out some hardener (EQUAL parts of each). Now this is important..pour the resin and the hardener (after it's measured) into a third mixing cup. Mix this together for about 2 minutes.

  • How to make a resin pendant. Teal Pearl Resin Heart With Red Crystal Accent - Step 3
    Step 3

    Step 3: Molds, molds, molds! There is a huge argument over whether or not you need to use a mold release spray (which at times can go for about 6 bucks a bottle!). I've poured resin with and without it, but I tend lean towards using it. They sell molds especially for pouring resin..www.sherrihaab.com is a good one..or you can find some on Ebay as well. Candy and candle molds are a bit more difficult because they tend to be a bit thinner and when you remove your resin, there's no telling if the mold will survive. Once you have picked out your mold..move on to the next step.

  • How to make a resin pendant. Teal Pearl Resin Heart With Red Crystal Accent - Step 4
    Step 4

    Step 4: There are a ton of different ways to do your resin, but I'm going to tell you the two ways that I do it..

    1 - Solid colored pigment...you can add pigments to the resin to color it. There are pigments sold especially for resin, or you can use pigments for poly clay, some paints, and even some embossing powders will work. In the case of the blue heart that I made, I used Pearl Ex Pigments by Jaquard Products.

    2 - Clear pouring with embedded elements. This is a two part process actually. You can embedd anything into resin this way..photos, sprinkles, candy, toys...I've even seen bugs and teeth (ick lol). You pour a small amount of your resin, about 1/8 - 1/4 thick and wait....I know! Sucks right? But you need to wait for that bottom layer to cure a bit before adding your focal part. Once you add your focal part, pour more resin on top and...you guessed it...Wait again! (I've had some things that have had a curing time of 3 days..::sigh::)

  • How to make a resin pendant. Teal Pearl Resin Heart With Red Crystal Accent - Step 5
    Step 5

    Step 5: Once your pieces have fully cured (and this is important! LOL I've been impatient with resin and tried to pop it from the mold too early and it's just a sticky mess!)pop your pieces out.

    You may want to sand down the outer edges because they can get a lil uneven after pouring. I use a dremel tool for this. You can also drill a hole in your resin and either attach a jump ring, or drill on top and screw in a screw eye for hanging.

    I hope I didn't confuse you too much and if you have any questions, I"ll try my best to answer them!

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Erk N' Jrk Creations
Erk N' Jrk Creations · Rolla, Missouri, US · 17 projects
Hey there! You can purchase resin at just about any craft store. Mostly Hobby Lobbys and Michaels..also you can get what's called FamoWood at Lowe's and Home Depot that is another type of resin used to coat table tops. You can also do a search and order from the web!
Happy-Go-Lucky · Nawur, Bamiyan, AF · 8 projects
where can you get resin?sorry
kiddo · Corryton, Tennessee, US · 132 projects
Good tips! I just ordered some resin today and am going to use embellishments. If I hadn't read this I would have just thrown everything in all at once! Thanks!
.xXbrokenVANITYXx. · Parma, Ohio, US
ummm i'm new to resin and i was wondering, without sounding too stupid XD i hope, how do you put the 'accents' on top?
do you do it after?
Courtney Couture
Courtney Couture · Keller, Texas, US · 20 projects
wow its teal one of my friends would love this!!
Alessandra S.
Alessandra S. · New York, New York, US
omg, this is sooooo excellent. thanks SO MUCH. i just saw some AMAZING ones on etsy and i was like, "jeez, i wanna learn to do that!" i cant wait till you post your pics!
Ryden · 28 projects
Wow this is sweet! I have never heard of this technique!
Erk N' Jrk Creations
Erk N' Jrk Creations · Rolla, Missouri, US · 17 projects
You are quite welcome lol not sure how understandable the tut is..
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1369 projects
This couldn't have come at a better time, I have just bought a huge can of resin and, though I can't wait to get started, I'm not entirely sure how to use it. Thanks so much!

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