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45 mins

keep cupboards tidy and teas sorted, whilst recyling used jars.
My son's addiction to tea meant a cupboard full of boxes. Fortunately, our family's love of salsa and aioli provided me with the jars to solve the problem. I created labels on the pc using http://kevinandamanda.com/fonts/fontsforpeas/ which has handwriting style fonts. I used "pea julie" size 22 in different colours for each tea, and various "tea" cliparts (this is because my handwriting is rubbish). I printed off 2 for each jar, trimmed to fit front and lid and glued onto jars. Finished off with clear sticky backed plastic about 5mm larger than each label. I always round the corners off to stop them catching. Now the cupboard is tidier and the teas are kept fresher!

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