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Tawa Fried Fish

Indian tawa(pan) fried Mackerel • Posted by buttercup303

This can be a nice starter.

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This can be a nice starter.


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    In a box or a ziplock, add the following : # minced ginger # minced garlic # paprika powder # turmeric powder # 1 tbsp oil # salt # garammasala # lemon zest # lemon juice

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    Mix well.

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    Add the fish pieces and toss to coat well. Marinate for 2-3 hrs. I marinated overnight.

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    In a pan or tawa heat the rest of the oil.

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    Place the fish pieces. Let fry for 5-7 min or till cooked

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    Flip and cook for 4 more min.

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    Let the extra oil drain on paper towels

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    Serve with lemon and onion slices.