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Based on Tattoo Pill Holder by deathsseraphim
I saw this awesome idea and thought.....wow! Now I know what I can do with all those cool temp tattoos my daughter and I have collected over the last several years! :)

This is my Dragon Jar, a version of the Dragon Pill Holders. I used a miniature kitchen canister, and used 3 temp tattoos instead of 1. I put one on the front, on the back, and on the lid. I then waited for the tattoos to dry then sealed with clear spray paint. It turned out AWESOME!

One note- trying to get temp tattoos to work on slick glass is a major pain in the butt! You have to be extra careful not to use too much water, or too little, and have to take extra caution that the tattoo doesn't slip and distort the image. Luckily, with the Dragon Jar, I didn't have too much difficulty. The front and back images transferred with little problem. The top image on the lid, however, is the 4th temp tattoo I tried and that one was apparently the charm. :)

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