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Granny Squares

Carry your new tablet computer around with style while protecting it from some surface everyday wear and tear. This case is colourful, practical and makes a great gift, too.

Finished size
10 x 8in (25 x 20cm)

To fit a 91⁄2 x 71⁄2in (24 x 19cm) tablet computer

Each granny square measures 
2 x 2in (5 x 5cm)
One-colour granny squares
(make 40)

Granny’s tip
To make up one side of your tablet case in two-colour granny squares, as I have done (see photo opposite), simply change the colour for the second round.

Extract from

Granny Squares by Susan Pinner

Published by GMC Distribution

Discover the world of granny squares with this imaginative new book. These small, crocheted squares can be made in a huge variety of patterns and colourways that become the building blocks for an array of different projects. Large, small, tight, loose, multi-coloured or monochrome the design potential of a granny square is endless. Small and portable, you can take them anywhere with you, but, be warned making them is highly addictive! Eight basic granny square designs are presented and then fashioned into 20 stunning projects for the home. The projects have an appealing retro vibe, taking you back to hazy bygone times and the feel-good comfort of home-made furnishings. From storage baskets to traditional throws, these colourful and cheerful creations are sure to bring a smile to your face. Beginners to crochet need not worry. Granny squares are a perfect way to get started with crochet as they are quick, easy and versatile. All the basic instructions you will need are given in a clear and easy-to-follow style. Author: Susan Pinner Binding: Paperback with flaps Pages: 144 Photographs: 140 photographs

© 2016 Susan Pinner / GMC Distribution · Reproduced with permission.


  • How to make a tablet sleeve. Tablet Computer Case - Step 1
    Step 1

    Ch 4, sl st to form a ring.
    Round 1: Ch 2 (counts as 1 tr), 2 tr, *ch 2, 3 tr; repeat from * 3 times, 
ch 2, sl st into second ch st to complete round (4 sides/4 corners).
    Round 2: Sl st in first ch space, 
ch 2 (counts as 1 tr), (2 tr, ch 2, 3 tr) in same ch space, (3 tr, ch 2, 3 tr) in each following ch space, sl st to complete round, weave in ends 
(4 sides/4 corners).

  • Step 2

    Making up
    You can sew the squares together, but join as you go (see page 44) is a better method when joining lots of different squares together. Join the squares so you have two pieces that are 4 x 5 squares each.

  • Step 3

    Side band
    A band of 3 rows makes the case wide enough to add a piece of foam to the inside to protect your computer tablet.
    Round 1: Colour A. 1 dc in every stitch, sl st to complete round, weave in ends (144 sts).
    Round 2: Colour B. 1 dc in every stitch, sl st to complete round, weave in ends (144 sts).
    Round 3: Colour A. 1 dc in every stitch, sl st to complete round, weave in ends (144 sts).

  • Step 4

    Stitch the two pieces together, matching the stitches as you go and leaving a 12in (30cm) opening for the zip-fastener – stitching one square down along one long side and one square down along the opposite end is just the right size. Hand-stitch the zip-fastener in place.

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