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for all your romping needs

Posted by Brittany Marie from Boston, Massachusetts, United States • Published See Brittany Marie's 22 projects »

  • How to sew a romper. T Shirt Romper - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make the Shorts: (you will be using the finished pair of sweatshorts as a pattern)

    - Fold your fabric in half - right sides together - and place the finished pair of sweatshorts on top and trace the shape. Cut this shape out. You now have one leg of your bottoms.

    - Do the same a second time to create your second leg. Set the finished pair of sweatshorts aside.

  • How to sew a romper. T Shirt Romper - Step 2
    Step 2

    - Take one of the legs and stitch up the long side and the crotch section. Do NOT stitch the bottom or the slop on the crotch side. The red lines in the photo indicate where you should sew.

    - Do the same for the second leg!

  • How to sew a romper. T Shirt Romper - Step 3
    Step 3

    - Turn one (1) leg right side out. Slide the right side out leg into the wrong side out leg. The crotch of both bottoms should be in the same direction and the right sides should be facing one another. Pin and place and stitch along the horse shoe shape that is still unstitched. Follow the red lines above.

  • How to sew a romper. T Shirt Romper - Step 4
    Step 4

    - Open your bottoms. They should look exactly like shorts/pants with rough edges. If the bottoms are stitched shut you did something wrong!

    - At this point hem the shorts at the bottom if you would like. Try the bottoms on and deside how big the casing needs to be for the elastic. Make sure the bottoms sit where they are most comfortable. I chose to place my shorts on my natural waist for the romper I made. Stitch the casing. Do NOT feed the elastic through yet.

  • How to sew a romper. T Shirt Romper - Step 5
    Step 5

    Now for the top:
    - Take the t-shirt you want to use for the top of your romper and cut off the sleeves and the collar. Also cut off the hem at the bottom of the shirt. Save the hem fabric for later

  • How to sew a romper. T Shirt Romper - Step 6
    Step 6

    - Cut about 2 inches on either side of the neck down to below the opening of the sleeves. You want to create a straight diagnal cut rather then the scooped shape of the sleeve. Once you have cut the diagonal lines, cut straight across the top of the t-shirt, right below the neck.

  • How to sew a romper. T Shirt Romper - Step 7
    Step 7

    - Fold over the top of the shirt on the front and back and create two casings (about an inch big) for the draw string. Take the hem fabric which you cut off in step 2 and attach a safety pin to it. Pull the safety pin along with the string of fabric through the casings.

  • How to sew a romper. T Shirt Romper - Step 8
    Step 8

    - Take the top of the romper and turn it inside out. Place the shorts (facing right side out) inside the top. Stitch these two items together and finally insert the elastic into the casing on the shorts. Voila! You have a Romper!!!

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TK Rainy
TK Rainy · Kennewick, Washington, US · 19 projects
Oh my god. I've been wanting to make one but haven't wanted to buy fabric for it. I never thought of using a tshirt. Thank you.