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T Shirt Headband

New Headband from an Old T-shirt • Posted by Claire O.

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Medium t shirts8 1253626026



  1. Small t shirts1 1253626061

    We will transform this old t-shirt from BLAH TO TADA! by making it into a fashionable headband.

  2. Small t shirts2 1253626066

    Cut up the t-shirt into rectangles.

  3. Small t shirts3 1253626089

    We will also need headbands, needle & thread (must match the T-shirt shade), a tape measure and a pair of scissors.

  4. Small t shirts4 1253626120

    Using a tape measure, get the size of the headband's length and width and add about 1/4 inch allowance on all sides. Cut the t-shirt based on this measurement and sew two ends, leaving one end open. Turn this inside out and slide it onto the headband. This should fit like a glove.

  5. Small t shirts5 1253626141

    Cut petals from the remaining fabric.

  6. Small t shirts6 1253626168

    Pile the petals on top of each other.

  7. Small t shirts7 1253626182

    Sew the petals together (bunch them up) using needle & thread.

  8. Small t shirts8 1253626193

    Sew the flower on the headband. TADA! -- A classy headpiece you can wear day or night!