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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Wool Roving Dread Falls!
Resin Pendants
Better Synthetic Dreadlocks!
Synthetic Dreadlocks! Pink & Purple
Pink & Purple Dreadlocks, Cheap Style. :)

Dreadlocks online are EXPENSIVE. Starting at 75$ for some nicely professionally made ones, I made my own. Since I have a job and can't have dreads, fake ones are a good alternative. :)

I'll be making a How-To, when I make another pair.

I used 100% synthetic hair, but I found that 100& Kanekleon works better. Sadly, I can't really find any offline. So I'll order some.

I back combed and heat-sealed in water. It cost me about $2 to make it, and the donation of a (clean) pet brush!

I have really short hair, so it looks funky on me, but my hair model had them on and it looked great!

Double Ended Synthetic Dread Extensions

Double Ended Synthetic Dread Extensions

Super awesome fake dreads that you can take in and out and make ANY color you want!

♥ 94
How To Put In Your Hair Falls And Dread Falls

How To Put In Your Hair Falls And Dread Falls

You want pretty hair, but how do you put them in?

♥ 41
Harlequin Double Ended Dreads

Harlequin Double Ended Dreads

Dread making made easy!

♥ 94


This is a super easy way to make affordable amazing dreads!! AND how to put them in!

♥ 274
Decorating Dreads With Embroidery Floss

Decorating Dreads With Embroidery Floss

spice up the dreads

♥ 23
Yarn Dreads

Yarn Dreads

When you want the look of dreads, without the commitment!

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ganesha · Alençon, Lower Normandy, FR
je ne l'ai trouve pas belle du tout . je fais des dreads (c'est mon metier et beurkk)
Elena W...
Elena W... · Minneapolis, Minnesota, US · 4 projects
Synthetic doesn't react to hear half as well as Kanekalon does. That's really the reason.
Casanova · St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, CA · 2 projects
They aren't tightly woven enough imo, but pretty clever regardless

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