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Sorry, no swimming in the cake....
My swimming pool cake

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  • Step 1

    First, bake a regular cake ( Victoria sponge) I decided against putting the recipe on because Im sure you know how to make a basic cake. any size

  • Step 2

    Trace the cake size onto paper. Cut it out and lay your tempplate onto ready to roll white icing. Now draw a smaller circle into the template. cut out the smaller circle, leaving the edge intact as this is the tile part of the cat. Cut out the shape and draw on it some it hace the tile affect

  • Step 3

    Whip up some butter, icing sugar, water and lemon juice (opitional) This is the water (no its the sea! jokes). Scope into the bottom half of the cake and put the top bit of the cake on top. Lay on the tipe icing and spread the remaining icing in the centre as the water

  • Step 4

    No for the peoples (cue manic screaming)and get back out the icing. Roll out two squady squares and coat the in a different colour icing and stick in the water icing. Give sausagey arms and blobey heads. Give them smiles and hairdos

  • How to decorate an object cake. Swimming Pool Cake - Step 5
    Step 5

    Add candles if wanted. TA-DA A SWIMMING CAKE!!!!!

    hope you all liked it.

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