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Here is a simple bow bracelet for your arm parties!
I have a hard time finding the right bracelet that fits. These are so easy and simple to whip up that you can make them for you friends and family! It doesn't hurt that they are so inexpensive to make

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  • How to make a beaded bracelet. Sweet Bow Bracelets - Step 1
    Step 1

    1) Cut out a piece of thread around 25″-30″. Double it and slip it through one of the pearl beads.
    2) Cut out a second piece of thread, same length and double that. Then slip it through the same first bead.
    3) Separate out your thread so that you have four strands, two on each side of the bead
    4) On each strand, string on a tear drop bead. Note: Be sure that the tapered end is pointing towards the pearl bead.
    5) On each one of those strands slip on a few seed beads. Note: My beads are a tad larger so I only used three. If your seed beads are smaller go ahead and use a few more.
    6) Gather the two strands on each side of the bow, and this will now act as one strand.
    7) On each side of the strands, go ahead and slip on the rest of the pearl beads. You’ll want to place on enough so it will fit your wrist. Note: Make it about 1/2″ smaller (depending on your closure) otherwise the added closure length can make the bracelet bigger.
    8) Tie on one side of the magnet closure to one side of the bracelet, and tie about 3-4 knots to secure.
    9) Glue the knot and cut off the excess thread. Repeat this onto the other side of the bracelet and you are done!

  • How to make a beaded bracelet. Sweet Bow Bracelets - Step 2
    Step 2

    Try different color combinations to pair your favorite accessories!

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