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Based on Sweater Boots!! by Niamh O.
These took way longer than I expected, but when I was done I was so happy with the outcome I can't wait to do another pair! I used mainly the original how-to, but added a few touches of my own. The fabric I used was actually an old blazer, and I kept the lining on the inside to line my boots. (This was the main reason my boots took so long; the fabric was a very loose knit, so there was a lot of gluing and hemming the edges to make sure the fabric wouldn't shred apart over time.) Also, I made the cuffs extra long and secured them with elastic a few inches up to leave a sort of peep hole on the sides of the boots (where my jeans, leggings, or stockings can be seen through). I added a bow to the sides and embellished with a button and a few metal studs on each side. The blazer I got at Goodwill for about $5, I used and old pair of shoes, and decorating material I had around the house, so with the cost of the glue sticks, this cost me under $10! Loved this project!

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