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I am actually addicted to these- sorry for the awful photo!
I made these after being struck with inspiration at a mushroom stall at my local markets. They were really thrown together, simple and delicious- precise measurements weren't used, which makes it super easy to make your own tweaks to your tastes :D

You will need:

- A field mushroom for each person you wish to fill with noms
- Two pieces of bread (or a bun :P) for each person
- Ample salady excellence

For each mushroom:

- A teaspoon of minced garlic
- Half a bottle of AYAM plum sauce (around 100mLs)
- A good tablespoon or two of sweet chilli sauce

Posted by Zephyr E. from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia • Published

  • Step 1

    General preparation- wash the salad, toast the bread if you wish and mix the marinade together in a large dish. Prepare the mushroom by removing the stem.

  • Step 2

    Place mushroom into marinade, and turn to coat well. I like to put some gladwrap over the dish and put it all in the fridge for around half an hour, but you don't have to if you're pressed for time or super hungry :D

  • Step 3

    Ever so slightly oil a pan over low heat. Place mushroom with all the marinade, underside down and cover pan with a lid. Cook slowly for around 5 minutes, before flipping and cooking the top.

    I like to keep spooning the marinade onto the mushroom as it cooks. Like steaks, there are levels of cookedness. I like mine well done, so I cook mine for ten minutes either side :D

  • Step 4

    Don't worry if the marinade goes black and sticky- it's not burnt, it's just absorbing the glorious earthy mushroom taste.

    After cooking both sides, lift the mushroom out of the pan and place onto your bread/bun. Cover with your choice of salads and sauce (I made mine with alfalfa and plum sauce- SO GOOD!) and enjoy!

    My non vegan friends have begged me for the recipe for this- it's an excellent Sunday afternoon lunch, and hangover cure! I hope you like it :)

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