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necklace out of those Halloween decoration hands
^^ I love all kind of cute stuff and so I decided to make a necklace out of those Halloween decoration hands..
I have seen this before at Kreepsville and on some of my myspace-friend pages.. and I think britany posted some Hairclips out of them here.. ;)
Sry for all the other Persons which I have forgotten.

Posted by JessayahX from Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany • Published See JessayahX's 25 projects »

  • Step 1

    You need one of those skeleton hands.
    Maybe from old decoration or you can find it on a stor which sells also costumes and stuff like that.

    If you haven´t found any then you can use some other plastic deco stuff you like ;)

  • Step 2

    Now you need a needle and a Candle..
    (use an old needle because mine break after using it oO )

    Hold the needle in the Candle..
    (Maybe you can stick the needle into cork first so you don´t burn yourself) ;)

    With the heated needle make a hole into the skeleton hand.

    Maybe you have to repeat this step a few times until you have a big hole.

  • Step 3

    When you have finished the 2 step then your skeleton hand (or whatever you use) look like this...

    (not really beautiful)

    So take a little bit of sandpaper to make place around the hole pretty ;)
    Beware not to use to coarse-grained sandpaper!!!

  • Step 4

    Clean the skeleton hand from all those dirt with a little bit of water or alcohol and let it dry

  • Step 5

    Take your acrylic lacquer and spray it onto one side of your Pendant

    Make sure to do that outside and to use old newspaper or somthing else to cover up your activity area!!!

    If you want you can also use old wool to hang your pendant upside down so you can spray it on both side to make that step really fast.
    But if you have time then you can spray it on the first side and leave it dry and spray the other side..

    Don´t spray to often and to much..Then the necklace looks really terrible and the color split really fast

  • Step 6

    Let it all dry for a while..

    Don´t know how long this takes.. That depends on your spray and how many layer of color you have used and many other stuff...

    Don´t be to hasty ;)

    If you want you can also paint a lightening,a heart or whatever on it with a small brush before using the next step ;)

    feel free to be creative ^^*g*

  • Step 7

    use a little bit (not to much!)varnish to cover the whole paint.. ^^

    Let it dry...

    and drink something ^^*g*

    ( the good thing at leaving it dry as long as you can is that the bad smell of all the color and varnish stuff can go away,too)

  • Step 8

    After this step you can use the Jump Rings to ad it on a chain you´ve choosen...

    Mine is turquoise but I had done some in other colors too ;)

  • Step 9

    Now you can leave it like this or you can decorate it with everykind of stuff like:

    ..Ribbons,buttons,flowers,spiders,Rhinestones and whatever ^^

  • Step 10

    Now you are finish ^^

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Hdoddles · 46 projects
Hmmm I'd love to try this with polymer clay won't look half as cool though
chave RL
chave RL
love it!

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