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these bright flowers are sure to bring life to any party!

Posted by Shannon B. from Spencer, Iowa, United States • Published
  • Step 1

    First thing to do is divide and tint the frosting... tint about 1 and 1/2 cups green, the take half the rest and tint it yellow, and tint the other half orange. Place half the yellow and half the orange in one of the ziplock bags 1 color on each side, put the rest in the other baggy the same way(later you will cut the corner of the bag to make the petals)

  • Step 2

    Next step is to frost a smooth layer of green onto your cupcakes

  • Step 3

    Then take your oreos, big and small, and place them randonly on your cupcakes and press so they stay in place.

  • Step 4

    next take one of the ziplock bags, rienforce the corner with the tape then cut a petal shape, start piping around the cookie where the frosting in the middle is then go around again on the top. Do this by squeezing the bag and at the same tme pulling out to form the petal, remember practice makes perfect.:o)

  • Step 5

    to make the green leaves, use the star burst or airheads, first roll them out on the sugar, and once they are thin enough(anout 1/8 inch) cut them into leaf shapes, place them on the cupcakes by the flowers.

  • How to decorate a floral cake. Sunflower Cupcakes - Step 6
    Step 6


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KellBellBlue · Sonoma, California, US · 15 projects
Love the Sunflowers!
Maya B.
Maya B. · Austin, Texas, US
You should be giving credit to the author of the book "Hello, Cupcake".
Shannon B.
Shannon B. · Spencer, Iowa, US · 1 project
for the frosting, I have the same problem with it running,more so when it is hot out. To help with this I periodicly place it in the freezer for a couple to minutes to help it get firm, then try to keep the project in the frig as you do each cupcake. I just us regular frosting. thank for faving my sunflowers. :o)
jamie B.
jamie B.
Love this, I'm glad that you did this project. I have a book that shows how to make tons of really cute cupcakes, but I have problems with the icing running. Do you have any tips? What kind of icing did you use?
Victorian~Creator · West Winfield, New York, US · 1 project
wow its so beautiful you are very talented. I must try this, thank for sharing.
Mistress Apathy
Mistress Apathy · Clifton, New Jersey, US · 25 projects
those r pretty
Helga D.
Helga D. · Budapest, Budapest, HU · 30 projects
They look amazing! Thanks for sharing this how-to!

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