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a stylish way to keep your equipment and bits and bobs handy while you craft!
this project is for anyone, from sewing to painting!
i made this so that i could keep my sewing and craft equipment handy while i work in a cute apron.
i made my own patterns for this, so this project is entirely your own, make it however you want!
enjoy x

Posted by HerNameIsAlixx from Stourbridge, England, United Kingdom • Published See HerNameIsAlixx's 23 projects »

  • Step 1

    once you know the size and shape of your apron, cut the pattern out of the main fabric and lining fabric.
    with right sides together, sew around the edge (1cm) leaving the top open. turn inside out to hide the stitching.

  • Step 2

    cut long stripes of fabric for the straps. make sure they are wide enough to turn inside out after you have sewn the edges together.

  • Step 3

    sew them to the apron.

  • Step 4

    with the neck strap, fold the top over around 1cm, and sew the strap ends to it, enclosing the raw edges of fabric.

  • Step 5

    for the little pockets, cut out four of the desired shape leaving 1cm for seams, hem them and sew with right sides together, then turn inside out.

    for the big pocket, cut a square of fabric (lining or main) and sew the
    small pockets to it. for the base of the pocket i used a corner of a pillow case of the same size. pin the square to the pillow case and turn inside out. (pockets should now be on the inside)
    sew around the edge leaving the top open and turn to the outside.

    if you sew the whole pocket to the apron just around the sides and bottom, then you get a double pocket! see photo :)

  • Step 6

    for the pin cushion, i used a self cover button, just fill it with stuffing as well.

  • Step 7

    then just finish of with any embellishments you want, i used a tape with beads.

  • Step 8

    and your ready to start crafting!

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Dark Rose
Dark Rose · 4 projects
I really do love the fabric that you used. I’m also from GB, where did you get it from? Happy
HerNameIsAlixx · Stourbridge, England, GB · 49 projects
I got it from a fabric shop in whitby when I was on holiday, but I'm sure there would be something similar if not the same from sites such as etsy or ebay Happy what part of GB are you from?
Dark Rose
Dark Rose · 4 projects
I live just outside London Happy okay then, thanks. Maybe I'll make a trip down to Whitby some time! Hehe
HerNameIsAlixx · Stourbridge, England, GB · 49 projects
oh cool Happy hope you find some great fabric!