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No more: Where are my stud earring??!!
When I pierced my ears I started to buy stud earrings (I had always wanted to do that!) But I didn't know how to avoid losing them. After searching and thinking a lot I finally had an idea to keep them safe! You only need a CD case and a wire!

First, you must draw on the case the spots where you will do the holes. I left 0,5cm between them, but it depends on you. Then, put a thin wire on fire to heat it enough to perforate the plastic with it.

Then, very carefully, perforate the marks you did. You can use a glove or a piece of cloth to avoid getting burnt. Of course, the wire doesn't keep hot for long, so I used a candle (a lighter is also good) to reheat the wire everytime I needed it.

When you have made all the holes, you only need to paint the other side of the box. I didn't do my best on the decoration...I drew the first thing that came to my head....yes, a silly skull! And here it goes!

The best of this earrings display is that the earrings are kept into the box so if you lose an earnut the earring will fall into the box and not on the floor. Needless to say, I'm very proud of it!

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