Cut Out + Keep

Stretchy Watchband

Watch bands should have their own personality just like you do. What kind will yours have? • Posted by Ulysses Press

You will need

Project Budget


1 h 00


Medium duct tape watchband



  1. Small duct tape watch01

    Cut a strip of tape long enough to cover the straw.

  2. Small duct tape watch02

    Roll the tape around the straw.

  3. Small duct tape watch03

    Cut pieces of wrapped straw the same length as the pin on the watch.

  4. Small duct tape watch04

    Cut a strip of tape to the width of the pin and wrap the end around the pin, leaving the adhesive exposed.

  5. Small duct tape watch05

    Cut a piece of elastic jewelry cord that is at least 48 inches long and center it against the pin. Note: The length of cord needed may vary based on wrist size and the width of the watch.

  6. Small duct tape watch06

    Wrap the tape around the cord and pin to join them.

  7. Small duct tape watch07

    Place the ends of the cord through a straw piece in opposite directions and pull the cord tight.

  8. Small duct tape watch08

    Continue threading wrapped straw pieces until there are enough to reach halfway around your wrist.

  9. Small duct tape watch09

    Temporarily tie off the end and begin the steps on the other side of the watch face.

  10. Small duct tape watch10

    Once there are enough pieces to wrap comfortably around your wrist, join them by knotting together the cords and trimming the excess.