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Be nice to your ears! x)
I've recently started seeing "lobe deodorants" in my go-to stores and got to thinking... Not a bad idea since even the oh so definite remedies like wearing only organic plugs and all that didn't help me.

(Btw organic is only thought to produce less smell because your cell discharge seeps into the material. Oh lovely.)

If you don't have stretched lobes and think all of this is gross, good for you but please keep it to yourself.
If you say your lobes never get the funky smell, good for you but I don't really believe you. xD
It is a little life hack to prevent the quick developement of unpleasant scents and keep your skin healthy, not prevent buildup.

ALSO, please people, stop being disgusted by your body functions. The cell buildup, while not being natural as such since having 1 inch holes in your ear isn't natual as such, is completely normal. It happens with regular earrings too but just isn't as noticeable.
It happens, take care of it and be fabulous.

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  • How to make skincare. Stretched Lobes Deodorant & Balm - Step 1
    Step 1

    Try to grab a little container of lipbalm. Mine was a store giveaway.

    If you can't get that, go grab a normal chap stick lipbbalm - and an empty little container. :P

    With whatever you end up using, try and see that they are as pure as possible. No artificial scents or even tastes (yuck!), no extra ingredients than just, idk, fat and more fat haha.

  • How to make skincare. Stretched Lobes Deodorant & Balm - Step 2
    Step 2

    Break the solid-ish lip balm up with a toothpick or something similar OR break a piece off your chap stick and mash it around in your extra container.

  • How to make skincare. Stretched Lobes Deodorant & Balm - Step 3
    Step 3

    Please make sure you are fully aware of how your body reacts to tea trea oil. If you react weirdly to it, THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR YOU!

    Add up to 4 drops of tea trea oil.


    Keep the product in your fridge or a cool place just to be sure.

  • How to make skincare. Stretched Lobes Deodorant & Balm - Step 4
    Step 4


    Take our your Jewelry and clean around the inside of your stretched lobe with a q tip.
    Clean your jewelry with a wipe (depending on the material you may use sanitising products or just plain water).
    Get a little bit of the balm on your index finger and gently rub your lobe with your index finger and thumb, spreading the product not only on the inside rim of your lobe but around.

  • Step 5

    Additional info:
    1) The lip balm part of the product prevents dry skin and worse conditions like little tears because it will condition your skin and also helps you to put tapered jewelry back in by acting as a "lube" of sorts. The tea trea oil is a good remedy for irritated skin in my opinion.

    2) There is, in fact, fewer buildup and therefor fewer smell when you wear spirals or claws. Why? Because that kind of jewelry tends to move back and forth a bit, transporting the dead skin cells outwardof the 'canal'.

    3) A good way to keep your lobes healthy too is to get a pair of steel casting tunnels where the tube has holes in it. These holes allow air to reach your skin and keep everything nice and pleasant. Please just remember to turn them every now and then and NOT wear only those tunnels for a longer period of time because your skin will actually start to shape around the holes after a bit (and may even grow around it as I have read but seriously, that's nasty xD)

    4) Depending on the size of your gauge and the shape of your ear, your lobe may also be pushed towards your jaw by your jewelry. So much like the area inside your lobe, the little fold between your lobe and jaw may not be "ventilated" and have skin cell buildup that will smell just as much. Clean that are and put some balm there too!

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NorthernZebra · Northampton, England, GB · 1 project
ta for this, I'vee ad my ears stretched for a long time but only to 3mm, I'm gunna be stretching a little bit more soon (not massive but a little bit more noticeable as i find if i swap to normal earrings for a day or so to let the holes breathe they reduce in size a bit too quick. I do put lip balm on the which seems to stop any funky smells but definitely going to put some tea tree in to it to help incase there's any little rips or anything when they are a bit bigger (I have eds & my skin tears very easily, however it does as stretch easily too which is a bonus i guess as my lobes are overly stretchy haha!)

ta muchly Happy
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