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Every mad scientist should have some goggles. <3
Well, goggles are extremely popular among the goth scene. But apart from plush, glitter and some other really stupid stuff they -always- look the same. They are always bought in the same hardware stores. Booooring *yawns*

So for a long time I was SO "Oh no, goggles, blergh..." until threadbangers inspirated me to do some steampunk goggles! I'm totally into steampunk right now, and I started with this pair of goggles. I had about three different tutorials and did just what seemed best for me.

I'm seriously in love³ with the outcome, though the "glasses" are not perfect and the backside is closed ( headband-wear only. :P )

I'm not gonna do a how-to, but if anyone is in need for one, I can post some of the helpful links...



- Excuse messy me on the picture, it's late over here. ;)
- And yes, that shirt SO rocks!!! xD xD xD The full print says "I'm not a model, I just look like one" *drops on floor laughing*
- the 2 hours do NOT include drying time for paper maché and colouring.
- This stuff is cool only when it's unique. Yes, I did close-ups to let you see what you -could- do, but do yourself a favour and be creative. Don't COPY. INVENT!
- Ugh, yes, I know, there are some people who say it's "steampunk", others say it's "stream". Normally, I say "steam", too. Where was I while writing the headline? ô.Ô Gnaaah, now I wanna change it...... >___<
- Gosh, I feel like I'll have to edit this 50 more times because there are so much typing mistakes... I -really- should go to sleep now -__-

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Miss Circus
Miss Circus · San Leandro, California, US · 13 projects
5 stars. aaaaaand thank you for posting up the threadbangers link! =3
Morph · 22 projects
Awesome and so true, make them your own.
Stephanie H.
Stephanie H. · Mobile, Alabama, US · 2 projects
Almost done, trying to attached eye pieces to strap!!!
Stephanie H.
Stephanie H. · Mobile, Alabama, US · 2 projects
Definately!!! Hopefully i can finish them soon!
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
Definitely! Show meee! Happy
Stephanie H.
Stephanie H. · Mobile, Alabama, US · 2 projects
I can't wait to make these! I've been gathering up the stuff to do this for weeks now! i'll post pics when i finally finish them if you would like! Thanks for the inspiration!
Eien · Conyers, Georgia, US · 3 projects
I like that you decided to be different. I went to Dragoncon and it was steam-punk-o-rama. But a LOT of the people were wearing the same goggles from the dealer's room.
MIHO · 28 projects

Just WOW!
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
"...blergh..." until threadbangers inspirated me to..."

This says yes.
Gary L.
Gary L. · Dublin, Dublin, IE · 1 project
Thats cool!!!! BTW, did u get the idea from thread banger? I think I might go steam punk for halloween
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