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Strawberry Heart Cake

strawberry meringue cake! • Posted by Ophelia

Simply irresistible!

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Simply irresistible!


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    First, wash the strawberries, and cut them down in little pieces.

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    Than you can bake the sponge cake, or buy it. (I baked mine, because my mom's recipe is the best in the world :) Once it's ready, cut it in the middle, like a sandwich.

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    Whip the cream. Don't use the spray one if possible, because it will deflate (i'm not sure about the verb "deflate" o.O)

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    Okay, now it's the fun part. Once you have a wonderful, soft and delicious whipped cream, spread (spread? o.O) it with a spoon on the "inner" part of the sponge cake.

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    Well, take your strawberries and scatter them on the cream. Now take your crumbled meringue and do the same.

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    Now lay the upper part of the sponge cake upon. Do the same with the cream, strawberries and meringue. You can decorate it with shapes or letters or whatever. I formed a strawberry heart with meringue all around. Let your cake in the fridge for about an hour or so.

  7. Hope this how to is understandable XD And sorry if there are some mistakes in my english. Ciao!