Cut Out + Keep

Stitched Cards

It's like drawing with a needle and thread. • Posted by Cat Morley

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


0 h 50


Pretty Easy
Medium card2



  1. Small 915

    Pick two colours of card that go well together. Fold the main colour of card in half.

  2. Small 916

    Cut a long rectangle out of the second piece of card.

  3. Small 917

    Lightly sketch out the design with a pencil.

  4. Small 918

    Prick holes all along the design.

  5. Small 919

    Take a needle and thread and stitch through the holes.

  6. Small 920

    When you have stitched the whole pattern stick tape over the tales on the back for extra security.

  7. Small 921

    Glue to the main part of the card. You're all done.