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It's cheaper and a lot more exciting to make band shirts, ya know.
These are some of the things i have stenciled onto my clothes. i don't have money, so it's a lot cheaper to make a band shirt/patch/whatever. i have been doing this for about 8 years now, and a lot of the things i have made have long since fell apart, but here are some of the newer items i have made.

Most of the stencil outlines i got from these really awesome websites:
Stencilry, a.k.a. Kitty Buttons - www.stencilry.org
Stencil Punks - www.stencilpunks.org
i am pretty sure both sites have how to tutorials on them, but i'm positive Stencil Punks does.

i've heard people swear by using textile paint, but i have had the worst experience ever with the stuff. It never seems to stay on my clothes, to say the least. i just use artist grade acrylic paints. Sure, it might crack a bit, but it has stayed on, and it's a lot cheaper and easier to deal with, i believe.
Besides, you can pretty much stencil on anything. Hell, i stenciled on my bicycle, even! i used spray paint and duct tape for that, though.

For the record, i did not make the Casualties patch or that Bettie Page patch.

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Shalena Undead
Shalena Undead · Hillsboro, Ohio, US · 6 projects
Awesome work. I also do the same to random things. Hooray!
Ice · 1 project
I have the world/inferno friendship society stencil on a t-shirt too Happy Yey for skint people with stencils. And I love your shoes. Those shoes are awesome.