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against boring, plain and dumb clothes!!!!!!!!!!
long long ago, i posted my last project, yeah, very busy with university at the mo... but over the last months i did some stenciled patches and decided to collect them first to make one big creation on here. They were made with fabric paint; the stencils i made out of adhesive foil and label paper. took hours to cut them out... so here we are, hope you like them:

#1: Clockwork Orange Alex´ Eyes
#2: A.H.C.L. (inspired by Bloodsucking Zombies from outer Space´s A.H.C.L. = Anti Human Combat League, i named one of my labels for casual punky clothes Anti Human Clothing Line, smart isn´t it?! ;)
#3: Balzac writing
#4: Gogol Bordello writing
#5: "Food not Bombs"
#6: Hang the DJ (The Smiths´ Panic inspired)
#7: update 01.02.2012: a Dresden Dolls Heart, a positive and a negative Burton Swirl, The Irk crest of Invader Zim, Don´t panic lettering from The hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy... and the Balzac patch again

#1,3,4,6 from Stencilpunks!! they have soooo many band stencils, but political/lifestyle stencils as well!! link over there -->

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DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
I love making stencil patches too. They're so addictive.
I've made like 100's of them. XD
Ur's are real cool.
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
sorry that there´s no photo available on the front page...don´t know why... and the link didn´t appear too... here it is: http://stencilpunks.mattrunningnaked.com/indexx.html

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