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A simple greeting card with a Victorian silhouette!
Simple Steampunk/Victorian silhouette greeting cards. A part of the first swap I completed.

Posted by StarLeigh from Salem, Oregon, United States • Published See StarLeigh's 9 projects »

  • Step 1

    Gather your supplies!

    You might also need a model for your silhouette.
    I've found that family photos, or celebrity profile pictures, work great to trace or cutout.

  • How to make a greetings card. Steampunk Silhouette Cards - Step 2
    Step 2

    Draw your silhouette on some scrap paper or recycled paperboard box.

    If you are less artistically inclined, trace a photo.

    Carefully cut out the silhouette with scissors. You can use an Xacto knife for detail work if the scissors won't cut it. (bad pun)

  • How to make a greetings card. Steampunk Silhouette Cards - Step 3
    Step 3

    Trace the silhouette onto your Black Card Stock. Cut out the black silhouette.

    (If you think you can draw it perfectly the first time, skip Step 2, and draw right onto your card stock. I don't advise this, because once a pencil line is made on card stock it is very difficult to erase and might leave an indent.)

  • Step 4

    Cut out a piece of Scrapbook Paper that will fit on the front of your Greeting Card with a border around the edge. Make sure that you think about which way you want the card to open, and line up the pattern to match... so you don't have upside down words or sideways images.

    (I chose to cut my edges straight, but you could use scrapbooking scissors to create a patterned edge.)

  • How to make a greetings card. Steampunk Silhouette Cards - Step 5
    Step 5

    Glue the back of the scrapbook paper and carefully center on greeting card front. Finger press.

    Glue the back of the black silhouette (the side with pencil markings) to the scrapbook paper on the center of the greeting card.

  • Step 6


    **Now is when you can add themed stickers or ribbons to your greeting card.

    **If you want to stamp words or phrases on the front of the card, stamp before placing the black silhouette on the scrapbooking paper (Step 5), so that there is room for both.

    **You could do a white silhouette on a dark greeting card. Or a patterned silhouette on a plain background.

    **You could cut the scrapbook paper in a heart or oval shape. Just make sure that your silhouette fits completely inside the shape.

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nora c.
nora c. · Strathaven, Scotland, GB · 65 projects
I loved receiving these, it was a great swap Happy

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