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Steampunk ribbon choker
I had purchase the tiny watch gears on Ebay. I am always looking to add Steampunk things to my wardrobe because of all the Steampunk events my friends put on. Although I still like adding a bit of a goth or a Victorian goth feel to everything I make. The hardest part was setting the small gears in the sliver casing. This was my first time using Mod Podge. After a few tries, it finally look good enough for my OCD. I picked up the bigger gears at a Michael's and grabbed some scrap ribbon from my corset maker friend. I sewed the gears to the ribbon and attached a clasp. It's a bit time consuming but once I figured out the best way to use Mod Podge and the placement of the gears, it was easy.

Posted by Quiana from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States • Published


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