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Originally designed as the cover of my friends birthday card, I decided to give Steampunk a shot in an eastern style :) Hope you like it!
This was drawn up from scratch using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and took about 3 hours to complete, if not a little longer!

I started by drawing up a squillion base sketches, just the basic skeleton, and I figured this seated pose would fill the card best! I then began to add details and finalize the line art!
After that, I worked on the background using the selection tools, but thought it looked a little empty! Remembering he likes his stopwatches, I decided to add one in the corner to aid in composition - and to make it less boring > <
I finally addewd colour in block, then added tone and voila! Thats how I made this card cover! I then printed it off and am now waiting for him to reveal it late this week!

I hope you like it, Feel free to message me if you want to know anything specifically~ Be Nyappy!

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Eringe · 3 projects
Thankyou so much! That means alot to me, I only just noticed that he does remind me of the twins from OHSHC! I modelled him from a close friends actually, looks like he has a new nickname now! <3
Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray · 18 projects
SO cute it looks like an combination of the hitachiin twins from OHSHC and the mad hatter all in one! I love it! I hope you win the contest!

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