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Spikes are our friend with this crazy headband
I named this star of liberty as I made thus project for my daughter Star, and she always gets comments from people saying she looks like the statue of liberty, I call it her metal head princess crown and she likes that a lil more lol

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  • Step 1

    Even measure out where you are wanting each stud to sit on the band, remembering to keep it symmetrical. The studs I purchase have screw in backs, so make sure you unscrew each back.

  • Step 2

    I heated up the tip of the pointed knife with the lighter, testing the hotness on the marked spot on the plastic band. Applying a little but if pressure each time until it got hot enough to start gliding through the plastic. Spinning the knife as it pushers through to slightly widen the hole until the screw in back could just slide in without being lose and wobbly. Do this to all 5 marked out areas

  • Step 3

    You should now have a head band with 5 holes in desired spots. Now put all the screw in back threw the holes and screw on the studs ( you can place a tint dab of glue onto the inner part of the stud to hold it in place, so it doesn't unscrew).

  • Step 4

    If your wanting to use the ribbon now is the time to do it. One one end of the ribbon place a dab if glue, place it onto one end of the headband on the inside, now start wrapping the ribbon around the band slightly angle d so it starts traveling up the band, placing a dab of glue on the inside after a couple if rotations to secure it. You will need to fiddle around withy he ribbon to get it to sit around the studs properly.secure ribbon with more glue at end of headband.

  • Step 5

    Or if you want to just use the felt, trim the felt strip to the size of the inside of the head band, then glue to the inside of headband so your hair doesn't get caught and pull on the exposed screw backs.

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