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35 mins

They Fell From The Night Sky Onto Your Plate
These cakes taste gorgeous and so easy-peasy to make.

Posted by miss lizzi from United Kingdom, United Kingdom • Published See miss lizzi's 9 projects »

  • Step 1

    Pre heat the oven to 175 degrees

  • Step 2

    Crack the egg into a bowl add the butter and sugar

  • Step 3

    Sift in the flour and cocoa powder

  • Step 4

    Whisk or mix together everything until its creamy

  • Step 5

    Put into cake trays not cupcake ones

  • Step 6

    Leave in the centre of the oven for 15- 20 maybe more minutes. Do the knife test.
    Stick a knife in the middle if it comes out clean, they're done.

  • Step 7

    Cut cake into star shapes, I used a cookie cutter

  • Step 8

    Melt the chocolate get a genourous amount on the spoon and let it drip in stripes one way across the cakes (if you do that on a seperate plate, it looks better.)

  • Step 9

    repeat step 8 with the other chocolate, in the opposite direction

  • Step 10

    leave to cool and put on a different plate.
    Your done now !! Go show off :D



DrEaMeR · Palermo, Sicilia, IT · 20 projects
yum yum...they look soooo tasty.... I have to try this recipe...
oh! and thank you for accepting my request!!! ^__^
Zombie Soup
Zombie Soup · 12 projects
look tasty :3, might make some to sell at the drama troupes play
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Yum, these look good.

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