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Stamped Pocket Tee

simple tshirt alteration • Posted by Miss Monstro

A quick and simple change to an old tshirt (or two, or three ...)

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A quick and simple change to an old tshirt (or two, or three ...)


  1. Small materials

    Materials you need are: A tshirt with a pocket (or sew a pocket onto a tee) Fabric paint Cardboard to fit in the pocket Stamps of your choice

  2. Small step 1

    First things first, cut cardboard to fit into the pocket as well as possible - this is going to stop the paint sinking in and fill give a better surface when you're printing too!

  3. Small step 2

    All you have to do now is ink your stamp (or stamps if you want to do something more interesting!) and get stamping. I found it printed better by gently brushing a small amount on with a paint brush - depending on the paint and stamp you might prefer doing that or printing on a piece of paper after every dip in the paint.

  4. Small step 3

    Fill any gaps with a brush if some prints didn't come out so well and leave to dry. My paint needs to be set with an iron so if your paint tells you to use an iron make sure you remember to set it once it's dry - I forgot, wasn't pretty!!