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Spring Flower Garland

Felt Flower Garland • Posted by PixieFey

A garland which I made earlier this year to replace my Xmas one.

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A garland which I made earlier this year to replace my Xmas one.


  1. Small garland 4

    I cut the flower shapes from the pink felt then using a contrasting shade of embroidery thread, sewed around each shape in running stitch. The flower middles were cut from yellow felt using pinking shears then all the pieces were stacked on top of each other, a button was placed in the centre then sewn together as in the photo.

  2. Small garland 1

    Small circles were cut from the contrasting shades of blue felt then I snipped out tiny triangles around each circle to make it look more flower like. These were then placed on top of each other with a bead in the centre, then sewn together.

  3. Small garland 5

    The leaf shapes were sewn together using a contrasting thread.

  4. Small garland 2

    I wanted to place the blue flowers and leaves in a little cluster and as the binding I was using was quite narrow, I positioned all the pieces onto a small piece of felt then sewed them on. When I had finished I snipped off the excess felt.

  5. Small galand 3

    The flowers were attached to the binding by sewing the larger flowers through the button and the flower clusters were sewn on through the felt holding the cluster together.

  6. Small flower garland pieces

    The shapes I used to make the garland