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spotty dotty rope bag
i had a green spotty silk top that just didnt fit how it should, so i decided to make it into a bag, as i looveee bags and you can never ever have enough (dont let any one tell you otherwise!).
i will put photos up asap

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  • Step 1

    so first of all i cut the fabric for the outer material of the bag, i cut 2 x cresent moon shapes, and then used these as templates to make the lining exactly the same shapes.

  • Step 2

    next i put the zip in making sure the fabric to go on the outside of the bag is facing up. so now the lining and outer fabric will be sewn together at the zip end.

  • Step 3

    now i turned the bag,so far,inside out so lining upwards and used the sewing machine to sew the bottom of the bag, keeping it cresent shaped. i overlocked the seams to give it extra strength.

  • Step 4

    so now when you turn it the right way its nearly resembling a bag wahoo, nearly there! i choose a nice big button to go in the middle front of the bag, and i created a few little pleats around the button just by fiddling with the fabric and playing a bit until it looked nice and sewing it.

  • Step 5

    next i made to little squares again lined that go on either end of the bag as flaps for the bag rope strap to go through. sew these on.

  • Step 6

    for the bag strap i used 2 curtain ropes, one slighty thicker than the other. i used green and white, with white being the thickest of the two. now you can either plait the rope or twist it together depending on how you would like it to look. for this bag i went for a twist and glued it in its twisty place. when you have done this thread it through the two flaps on each side of the bag and then tie a knot and glue the knot. volia

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