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Spider Web Sweater

Revamped crochet sweater • Posted by PlaidCrafter

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Medium spider web sweater crochet



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    I didn't crochet the whole sweater because, well, I'm into "Sweater Surgery

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    I grabbed one of my old crocheted sweaters and my trusty scissors and cut the back off.

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    I then reclaimed the yarn from the back panel of the sweater.

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    I crocheted 8 "spokes" for the web. I stretched them across the back of the sweater area. I wrapped one horizontal spoke around the center and one vertical spoke around all the others to secure the center of the web.

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    I then crocheted a long length to make the spiral section of the web and stitched it through the spoke with a yarn needle. I started toward the center and worked my way out.

  6. I then simply wove in all the ends. It only took me a few hours and I now have a fabulous festive sweater to go out in and enjoy a few "real" cocktails! Always practice safe crocheting! Have a great weeke