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Spiced Hot Chocolate

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm • Posted by Charlotte

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    Get all your ingrediants (missed out the milk by accident D: )

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    put the milk in a saucepan to warm up until the milk just begins to bubble (keep your eye on it though otherwise it'll burn!)

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    put all the dry ingrediants into your mug

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    add about 8 teaspoons of milk (it doesnt matter what temperature the milk is at this stage, just get it in) to the dry mix, and mush into a paste

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    when the milk is warm enough, pour it into a measuring jug (makes it so much easier to pour, trust me!), then pour the milk into the mug

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    mix the milk into the paste. if you have an electric milk frother, then use that to make it extra smooth. et voila! :}