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souppy from cardcaptors plushie <3
okay so i've seen everyone make a ton of amigurumi, and plushies of kero, when i know at least souppy is way cuter, so viola, here he is. if you want to use the same pattern I did instead of making your own, search for pata the cat (on this site) and use the creators pattern.

Posted by Monkiki62 from Xenia, Ohio, United States • Published See Monkiki62's 9 projects »

  • Step 1

    okay so basically, take the black felt, youll need two sheets, and trace the pattern onto it, pin it, then cut around it. I made the body seperate from the head with the pattern i used.

  • Step 2

    now sew the body and head, leaving some space open to flip it inside out (so the stitches dont show) stuff it with fiber filling, then sew the remainder.

  • Step 3

    now take the rest of the black felt and cut out the ears and tail the way youd like. afterwards take the blue felt and cut out two half circles for eyes, a smaller version of the ears, and your own version of souppys wings. (similar to a butterflies)

  • Step 4

    now take the fabric glue and glue the small blue ears on top of the black ears (so it looks like the blue is the inside of his ears) then glue his ears to the sides of his head, glue the half circles on the face, and glue the tail and wings on. after all that, glue or sew souppys head on.

  • Step 5

    after he is dry, take a black marker and draw the pupils on souppys eyes. (his eyes are slit like a normal cats)

    and now your finished!

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Simply B.
Simply B.
Where is the pattern for this???
Katie G.
Katie G.
Gorgeous. Gonna make it for my little sister but the link for the pattern comes up error... and advice?
Shirls · Orlando, Florida, US · 23 projects
I want to squeeze him! <3
Manga Lover
Manga Lover
that is so cute!! i'm gonna try to make one (and maybe a Kero as well)
Buttons · Portland, Oregon, US · 2 projects
Katherine W.
Katherine W. · Attleboro, Massachusetts, US · 2 projects
I need to make him for my daughter! SO CUTE!
Yaoichou™ · Portsmouth, England, GB · 6 projects
AWWW! ^_^ How cute! Im so making this, only I need black felt. I know where Im going tomoz, Fabricland! :]
Gypsie Moon
Gypsie Moon · Edisto Island, South Carolina, US · 75 projects
Awesome job! He's adorable!! I might have to try and make one myself! Maybe with the expression after he's had lots of sweets.... heh. ^.^

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