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Based on Soda/Beer Can Ashtrays by nykole m.

I didn't make these. My big sister made them after I showed her how to do the original project. Except that plain red one (that one was my example one since I've made a bunch of these randomly before)

She gave me permission to post them cause she doesn't have a profile on this site, and she doesn't have interwebz where she lives. She requested this to be posted as a version so to give credit to @nykole m. for the inspiration. Give credit where credit is due. Although some of the other versions were great inspiration as well, but I can't remember everyone's names whose ashtrays we looked at specifically. Regardless, mad props to everyone else for their versions. This one does get kinda tricky (not to mention painful if you slip).

Unfortunately, both of us ended sitting there like "FOLD ALL THE CANS!!!" at 4 in the morning. And she seriously did spend three hours playing monster can origami.

1st: Three of them stacked on each other to make a fancy looking lotus-y flower.

2nd: This one is folded up so that all the folded parts make up a semi flat edge all the way around.

3rd: Her first one with really wide strips.

4th: Super cool weaved one, not so much an ashtray anymore candle holder maybe? I use it to hold my paintbrushes right now. :)

5th: It looks like a mouth! (I really have no clue how she did this one...

6th: All of them spread out and all together now.

7th: Another shot of the weaved one, this time from the outside.

I'm going to post some of my own later. Possibly as a how to if I have the time/patience/energy later. Also, it depends if I can figure out how she did these (It's what I get for not paying attention) I'm pretty sure I've got it figured it out, but then again, you never know.

Next step is finding a good way to weight the bottom of these so they don't blow away when I put them outside. lulz

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