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Easy, inexpensive Easter decoration
This is a quick and easy Easter decoration that can be made with dollar store items or even items you probably already have on hand.

it is simple enough that grade school-age children can make with supervision.

Note: If you are using a light-colored or white sock you will probably want to double up on the socks. The white bunny in the picture is two socks.

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  • How to make an Easter basket. Sock Bunnies - Step 1
    Step 1

    For the bottom of the bunny, you fill it so it is about 1/3 of the way full. This bunny was filled with birdseed, but rice, beans, or styrofoam filling would work well. Fabric scraps might work if heavy enough, You want it heavy enough that the weight of the head and ears won't tip him over.

    Tie a string around the neck and wrap/knot several times or use a rubber band.

    Tie a ribbon around the neck in a bow.

  • How to make an Easter basket. Sock Bunnies - Step 2
    Step 2

    Stuff the head with whatever you choose to fill it with, but not quite as full as the bottom.

    Tie a string around it wrapping two or three times and knotting or use a rubber band to secure.

    Decorate the bunnies face however you would like with fabric paint, markers or you could embroidery with floss.

    For these bunnies, I used fabric paints.

    For the nose I drew a small triangle then a line down and smile underneath. Other in the class I drew on eyelashes and used simple dots for the features, Give your bunny the personality you would like it to have.

    If I make additional ones I will probably use googly eyes for the eyes and glue them on. My black bunny's eyes are a little blurry so we are saying he had cataracts. He is the Grandpa bunny.

  • How to make an Easter basket. Sock Bunnies - Step 3
    Step 3

    For the ears you down the center from the top close to where the string is, then shape each side to look more like ears by cutting at an angle on the inside edges.

    If you have doubled up on the sock, you will need to cut the inner layer of sock out to keep the bulk down and the bunny upright.

  • Step 4

    Back of bunny:

    If you have goofed up the face on your bunny, you can turn it around and start over on the back as he will be facing the front and people are not likely to see the back. If they do and comment on it, you can tell them bunny is bipolar and not to be judgemental.

    If you would like, you can glue a pom-pom on the back of the bunny for its little cottontail.

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