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10 mins

Smoked salmon rillettes with wasabi
Wasabi adds a Japanese touch to this classic pâté. Known as ‘Japanese horseradish’, this root can be bought as a powder or paste and is used as a spice in many dishes. Use sparingly though as it can be very strong.

makes about 450g/1lb ● preparation time: 10 minutes

Posted by Orion Books Published See Orion Books's 81 projects » © 2021 Rachel Khoo · Reproduced with permission. · © Rachel Khoo’s Sweet & Savoury Pâtés by Rachel Khoo, published in hardback by Weidenfeld & Nicolson on 17 July 2014, price £14.99/ eBook £7.99
  • Step 1

    Put the smoked salmon, fromage frais and wasabi in a blender to produce a smooth paste. Taste and add a little more wasabi, if necessary.

  • Step 2

    Using a spatula, stir in the sesame seeds and cucumber. Garnish with the extra sesame seeds and cucumber before serving.

  • Step 3

    This spread will keep for 5 days in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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