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10 mins

The Weekend Cookbook
You need to be in a very generous mood to make these for any kind of a gathering as they need to be made individually and ‘to order’, if you see what I mean. Maybe set aside this recipe for just the two of you . . .

Makes 2 omelettes / Ready in 10 minutes

Posted by Penguin Published See Penguin's 32 projects » © 2023 Catherine Hill / Penguin · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Beat the eggs and chives together and season well. Heat a small non-stick frying pan until searing hot, add half the butter and swirl straight away as it foams and bubbles. Immediately add half the egg mixture and cook over a very high heat, whisking for a minute until it begins to firm up. ?Allow to cook for 1–2 minutes, depending on how set you like your omelettes. Add a good splodge of cream cheese to one half, top with half the salmon and half the watercress. Flip over and slide on to a warmed plate. Serve straight away with hot toast while you cook the other one.

  • Step 2

    The trick to a great omelette is to have a really good non-stick pan and heat it well so that the butter foams and jumps around in the pan as soon as it hits it.
    I always slightly under-do the eggs as I know it will keep on cooking once filled and folded.

    ‘Once you’ve mastered the art of the perfect omelette – slightly creamy and runny on the inside and set on the outside – there’s no limit to the amount of fillings you can add. Grated Cheddar, finely sliced red onion, coriander and a dangerous amount of jalapeño peppers is well worth a go.’

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ck · Tehachapi, California, US
This looks good, but I'm not a big egg person!
I'll just stick with my lox and bagels. But.. I might
try this eventually. Happy

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