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I was influenced by images of gory prosthetic make up
I made this necklace using barbie dolls hands from some old ones I had.

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  • Step 1

    I chopped the dolls hands off using a hacksaw, be careful when doing this so you dont cut yourself. Then I used the saw again to create the deep cuts on the hands, I sawed the cuts in a diagonal direction. After sawing the cuts mix fake blood with red acrylic paint to give it a more realistic bloody look. Dip the needle in the paint and fake blood, then put the needle into the cuts of the hand and move it around. Paint the top of the hand and smear some it around that area to make it more gory(this is optional). When the paint dries cut out a small piece of fake pvc(use ribbon if you don't have it) the piece should be about 1Or 2cm. Use all purpose glue to place them on the hands. Then use jump rings to secure the hands to the Jewellery chain. Finally place a jewellery clasp at the top of the chain to finish the necklace off.

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Kay Bay
Kay Bay · London, GB · 28 projects
I love this so much! Might do it with doll's ears in a homage to The Walking Dead

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