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Slash 'n' Fringe

A project inspired by looking at too many Cochella photos • Posted by Asherah Arts (formerly Lee Rose)

I got the idea for this from a breastplate/statement necklace.

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I got the idea for this from a breastplate/statement necklace.


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    (I always lop the sleeves off of and cut a notch in the neck of any t-shirt I get, please ignore) Start by folding your t-shirt directly down the front, and cutting slashes which go down and center from the shoulders, MAKING SURE NOT TO LET THEM TOUCH IN THE MIDDLE. (you can't see the slashes too well in the photo, sorry)

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    Next, measure the area the slashes cover and cut yourself a piece of the other fabric which is about an inch longer and wider than the measurement. Now stitch it in behind where the slashes are. Seriously consider quitting here because it already looks cool.

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    Measure the part of the tshirt which falls across your shoulders, slightly below the collarbone. Cut yourself two pieces of fabric which are approximately that wide and as long as you want your fringe to be. Cut fringe and stitch it down. Now you have a DIY shirt fit for the next festival!