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Skull Buddy

He's light weight, fast, and easy to make! • Posted by Maggi

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    This is a simple and fast craft that can be modified in any way seen fit. These are the supplies you will need: -Crayola Model Magic (I'm using a packet of white), -Wire (I've used copper around 20 guage is good) - Wire cutters - Round nose pliers -Markers and or paint.

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    The steps to making your skull buddy are as follows: 1. WASH YOUR HANDS. Even if your hands are a little dirty it will show up on the white model magic. 2. Tear off a piece of the model magic, form it into the shape of a ball, or skull if you have that ability. 3. Cut a piece of wire and make a small coil using the round nose pliers and bend so it looks like a small round foot on the end of a wire leg. (this will be the base) 4. Stick the wire through the ball shape and make a loop on the part sticking out. (The loop size will vary depend on what you’ll be connecting it to) 5. Decorate your skull buddy (I used Bic brand permanent markers, but paint will work too!) 6. Hook your buddy up and you two are ready to hit the town!