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Vietnamese summer rolls are like Salads to go! So simple and delicious to make!
I've always saw the Vietnamese Summer Roll as a quick to go meal, but it surely can be enjoyed sitting down. Not only do they taste great, they are customizable and very kind to your waist line!

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  • How to cook a spring roll. Simple Vietnamese Summer Rolls - Step 1
    Step 1

    1) Cut the pork belly into sections so that it would cook faster and more thoroughly.
    2) Place pork belly into a pot of boiling water. Add in ½ tbs. of salt to the pot so it would cook into the meat. Occasionally scoop out the foam that is forming at the top of the pot.
    3) After 20 minutes, if you can puncture easily through the flesh, then the pork belly is nicely cooked through.
    4) Let the pork belly cool, and cut into thin slices.
    5) Place the shrimp in boiling water with ½ tbs. of salt, and let cook until it is red.
    6) Let the shrimp cool, and peel them.
    7) In a pot of boiling water, throw in the vermicelli {the amount depends on how much noodles you/your family likes to eat}
    8) Sort, and wash all of the veggies for the rolls.
    9) Soak a piece of rice paper in water, and place the shrimp, pork, vegetable and noodles on top. Roll gently so that the paper doesn't break.
    10) For the grilled sausage rolls, cut the grilled sausage {Nem Nuong} into thin slices.
    11) On a damp piece of rice paper, add on the Nem Nuong, veggies, noodles and proceed to rolling.
    12) ENJOY!!

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