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Quick and easy makeup
This is a very simple look that anyone can do.

Apply concealer and foundation and set with powder.

Put a small dab of foundation on your eyelids and blend until you can barely see it, this will help the liquid eyeliner stay on longer.

Sweep the cream eyeshadow over the whole eyelid and put a small amount of brown eyeshadow in the outer corner. Make sure to blend.

Resting your arm on a table to steady yourself, apply the liquid liner in one long stroke just above your upper lashes. If you can't do it don't worry, just practice :3

Then put your lipstick on, I use Estee Lauder, expensive but it will last the day for sure.


If you feel like you want to have the lipstick but not the harsh eyeliner line then I'd suggest lining your upper water line with a eyeliner pencil. Press your fingers to your upper lashes and pull them slightly upwards your eyebrows, you should be able to see your upper water line and be able to line them. This is a method of making your eyelashes seem thicker than they are.

heh sorry for the poor quality webcam, I'll buy a camera one of these days :)

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