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An easy, tasty Asian recipe that serves 2-3 people.
Delicious crunchy vegetables with prawns, eggs, mushrooms and rice mixed well together in a sweet honey-soy sauce.

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  • Step 1

    Begin by measuring out a cup of rice in the rice cooker and wash it a couple of times to remove the starch. Then pour in some water (enough to just cover the top of it) and add olive oil and salt. Then turn on your rice cooker and put the lid over your rice. That’s it! Now you know how to cook plain rice!

  • Step 2

    Now, finely dice your onion and chop your mushrooms thinly (I used 4 medium sized button mushrooms) and do the same for your cabbage and carrot. (Into strips).

    Personally I think bell peppers taste better diced as they caramelise nicely. Bean sprouts don’t need chopping so leave them as they are.

  • Step 3

    Time to fry your veggies!

    Take out your biggest skillet or frying pan and pour in a decent amount of olive oil and fry your onions first, then your bell peppers, carrot and cabbage strips.

    Put the mushrooms and bean sprouts last as they shrink pretty quickly.

  • Step 4

    Finally, as this is all cooking in the pan, pour in your seasoning, melt it and mix it all with a couple spoons of hot water. Once most of the juices have evaporated, you can set your cooked veggies aside.

  • Step 5

    Cook your protein and set it aside: chicken strips are great too, but I used prawns as they cook faster.

    Now, fry your 3 beaten eggs - don’t scramble them, we want a nice thin egg pancake to chop up into slices later to add to the rice.

  • Step 6

    Your rice cooker should have already started steaming meaning your rice is cooked. Open the lid, and slowly add in your cooked veggies, then your egg strips into the rice and mix well. You should have a lot more vegetables than rice ratio in the fried rice mix.

  • Step 7

    You're done!

    This fried rice should comfortably serve two to three people. This recipe can also be adapted as a stir fry without rice or using egg noodles instead of rice.

    You’re welcome!

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